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We've all joked around about the way ADHD affects our lives, we've made comics and threads and all sorts of things to finally get to share the specific ways that having ADHD messes with the shit we do and how it often gets in the way of doing 'simple' things. But there has been, I feel, a struggle for a lot of people to go from recognizing what their ADHD does to them, to finding some ways to deal with the problems it presents.

So I made this twine as a collection of things that have helped me, and will hopefully help you too, even just a little. Or, perhaps, help you find new, different techniques that help you with your ADHD even if mine don't help you.

This is a project made in Twine, which means you simply download the file, and open and play it right in your browser! Safari users have reported some difficulties with Twine, so use another browser if possible.

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this helped me out a lot thanks!

thank you so much! a few of the tips have been things i subconsciously did or were aware of but the way you worded them really helps cement them in my head as things that make sense and/or are worth putting the time and effort in! i specially appreciate the way you framed health/"fitness" in the sections about exercise and basic human needs, the pressure that's often added around those topics never help and the care you put into making that not the case really shines through

Do you think you could make a PDF version of this? I have a terrible time reading large amounts of text on a screen, and I like to print things out so I can actually read them.


it's actually on the to-do list for the update that is (admittedly) very belated! i want to get it in more formats, make it more accessible

Awesome! I appreciate it! :)


If you're still interested, here's a PDF!


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Thank you so much!


No problem, I'm glad I could help, even if it was a year later, haha.

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Very nice! There were so many of those "oh heck me too" moments of commiserating that really helped to draw me in, and lots of good tips I'm going to start using today (all the timers!).

One suggestion, especially since you mention this being a First Edition that you want to continue to add to: I found myself really struggling to get through some sections, having to go into full-focus mode to convince myself I wanted to just sit and read -- huge walls of texts can be daunting, even if I want to get through it. It might run counter to your "line of sight" strategy, but do you think you might do something like a summary section you could branch off from? Some kind of a table of contents type overview with parts that link to your full page for each tip? Knowing how many pages/tips are left would've been helpful for me.

I've already shared this with a bunch of people after this was in turn shared with me. Thank you for this!

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Hi, thanks for providing this resource! I just bought it, and am having some trouble downloading it using the Itch.io client. It says no compatible downloads were found. (I'm on Windows 10 but I don't think that should matter, right?)


try downloading directly from the website page instead of thru the client!


'oh well, now I can't start until the next hour, on the hour' - is a thing I've done and I'm sad / happy to see someone else mention.

And the todo list as a litany of obligations really only good as a self-directed cudgel also hits close to home. I have a vague attempt at a "bullet journal" in my pocket at all times that kind of approximates your notion of order of operations, maybe making it a closer approximation would help.

Thanks for writing this... I think I'm still in this "holy shit you too?!" phase and just starting to ease into a "now what do I do about it" phase

This looks really useful, thank you!

I know you don't have all the answers (none of us do otherwise we'd be unstoppable), but I do have a question for you:

In regards to always trying to time things on the hour, do you have any specific advice regarding bed times? I always find myself saying "Ok, going to bed at 1am" and then it gets to 1:14 and I see the clock and I'm like "Oh well, guess I'll keep busy until 2am then go to bed" and then I start getting ready for bed at 2am and I don't fall asleep until even later...

I already have some bedtime alarms set, but I can never follow them because I'm always so focused on finishing whatever I'm currently doing.