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That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore is a 30k+ word long novella written in twine about comedy, what we use comedy for, and what we do about problems we understand, but can't fix.

Isabelle Reyes is known by another name online - Pelayo. Under this name, she makes and releases RPGs, all of them focused on being funny. And funny they are, earning her quite a reputation as being a comedian on top in this niche field, the funniest person around, always having the best jokes.

One day, she awakes, trapped in a world ripped from her own creations, masterminded by someone intimately familiar to her, with a strange man with a soda bottle for a head who serves as her constant enemy and roadblock.

The world seems engineered around Isabelle and her life, trying to tell her something about herself, reveal an inner secret to herself.

However: She already knows exactly what it's trying to say and what it's trying to do. And her 'secret' isn't a secret at all. 

Download the HTML file and open it in your browser, clicking on the links to move to the next page. Art by B Grphyon Birdley./@gerwulfa

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TagsComedy, depression, novel, Twine


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